Happiness in the dictionary is defined as  ‘mental or emotional state of well-being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy’  but it is so much more than that, really. Keeping content and cherishing the joy that exists in every day is above all, the most important part of life. And its not always easy. Life can be hard, your bills need to be paid, you had a silly argument with someone you love, work is stressful or sometimes on these grey days, when the clouds hang low, you miss the sunshine so much it hurts. And being a woman, our attitude is often hazed by a whole other array of crazy emotions that consume us completely, and we feel things we can’t really even explain. But through the haze, we must always find our happiness.  Everyday we are alive, healthy and surrounded by the people we love is a gift. A genuine gift. And so with the new year already begun, I hope you all take head and strive to be happy always. Preserve your happiness, protect and nurture it. Find the beauty in daily life. A phone call to your mother, lunch with a friend or even just the simple privilege of waking up another morning in a warm comfy bed. Living in such a superficial world, we are constantly reminded of what we don’t have. But we must remind ourselves of what we do have. Learning how to do that is the key to sustaining your happiness. Cherish your world. Cherish yourself.


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