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There is something I choose each day to do which has profoundly changed my life for the better and I wanted to share it because I hope it will change yours too.

 I was introduced to the practice of being grateful by a close friend and learnt how to incorporate this into every day situations; the good and the struggles.

Creating a kind, thankful body & mind and noticing the simple things make your days brighter, its fulfilling,  clears the mind and keeps you healthy. Gratitude helps us to focus on what is important in life when things seem to get too much.

We have a natural tendency to take things for granted and perhaps wait for pivotal moments in our lives to happen before we realize how lucky we really are.

There are so many benefits to practising Gratitude – it cultivates positive thinking and in return brings amazing things to you whether it be opportunities & dreams, relationships, health or whatever you are wishing for.



I live by the water and love the outdoors, ocean , beach anything that makes me feel grateful & inspired. In the morning when I wake up,  I make a point of  having a 2 minute ‘moment’ to say thank you for this new day, the people that help and support me in my life, the opportunities, my career, healthy body,  friends & family  but even sometimes the small things like:

Im thankful for the random messages from my crazy best girl which make me smile on busy days, the safe journeys I take,  having a bobby pin at the bottom of my bag (…we’ve all been there!) it can be anything and takes only a small amount of time to do out of your day. You will also begin to notice a change when you say thank you to people and really deep down mean it, it makes them feel appreciated and confident and in return they will begin to give you the same gratitude back.

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We all have our ups and down days but I think that making those harder times an experience that we ultimately learn from rather than a negative thought that sticks with us  create’s a sense of strength, inner peace and purity for body & mind.  More importantly,  self confidence and true beauty will show; being able to cope & push back these emotions – instead replacing them immediately with new happy thoughts the minute something negative comes it to your mind can benefit your life and surroundings in a major way.

How to make a Gratitude Jar

Take this new opportunity to start incorporating daily gratitude by making a Gratitude Jar. Think of it like a piggy bank but instead the money is good vibes, light and more opportunities coming your way.

–  Each morning write down something you are grateful for, try and go into a little detail then,  fold the paper and add it to the jar.

– Once your jar is full of gratitude, take it somewhere you love to be and one by one take out and read over your blessings.

– Very soon you will notice an amazing change!

All you need:

A note pad or coloured card to write your thank you’s each day


Mason jar

Some scissors

Get as creative as you like, for mine, I decorated it using a piece of ribbon I had laying around and a thank you card. Fill it will anything you love –  sand, shells, flowers or even water –  instead use pebbles to write your blessings and drop them in the water each morning.

I hope this inspires you to make gratitude a part of your day and you soon see the benefits!

Elle x



One Response to DIY : gratitude Jar

  1. rh says:

    Chère Elle,

    I am not sure, will you see and read this commentary to your post, but I am sure that in spite of all circumstances you will feel it in your soul.

    To leave a commentary in the endless corridors and passageways of the internet, sincerely, is not a field of mine, but not to leave any commentary to your noteworthy, so personal and bright message would be a sort of crime.

    Thank you for your sincere and benevolent effort of sharing light with other people. I wish that many could see and read your text. When I faced this text, I felt the happiness, happiness for the world with its’ rivers, trees, blooming flowers, sandy shores, singing birds, cheering sun light and windy and sometimes cold but tender winds; happiness for all humankind with its’ the “biggest” and smallest ones, the old and the young, grown-ups and children; happiness for you, me and others that we can be the part of this path; happiness that there is still a hope of “finding” and sharing love, and expressing so difficult thing as a gratitude, in spite of all rawness that inhabits our planet Earth and the acts and thoughts of its’ residents.

    In its’, simultaneously, simplicity and wisdom your writing is nowadays a rare bright spot on a grey canvas. Many of us have forgotten to think, smile, enjoy, feel pity for something and somebody, apologize, forgive, love and thank. We should hold tight onto these treasures of our life, la grande bellezza. With your text you are helping and encouraging many people to find this path full of light.

    I am proud of you and your noble deed.

    Thank you Elle

    With love


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