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 A serious case of Hair envy has occurred…





and it takes a lot for me to fall in the traps of a marketing ploy or a celeb promo.  I’m not one to product push to you unless I love it, use it or miss it when I run out. I have always been a die hard Jen Aniston Hair fan! She has everything I long for in hair ~   Silky, Glowing Bronding locks.  So when I heard she had  a new line of ” Perfect Hair Day’ hair products, a quick hair whip and I was purchasing the new Living Proof No Frizz Shampoo & Conditioner.

I was already prepared to love these new beauties but my hair can be a literal nightmare with a product/ingredient overloaded shampoo – I tend to go to bed happy & wake up like a cave girl…!!

Inside this bottle is a hair nourishing,  split end repairing, de humidifying, body boosting lotion that promises to give you your perfect hair day?! I tend to double wash, double condition and tangle teeze in the shower then rinse cold for smooth locks.

This product really works with just one condition! I have been using it for the last month and my locks are silky soft & smooth with some super body boosting shine –  90’s Cindy esq.

A little really does go a long way and it lathers quickly, I tend to  use a bottle a week with other shampoo brands but the bottle size from Living Proof is perfect size and lasts me a good 2 – 3 weeks.

With spending a lot of the time in Bali ,if you have been, you will know that the minute you walk outside humidity hits,  I tend to stay away from any sort of hair styling or makeup products as they melt off, so I prefer the surf vibe..

I tried and tested Living Proof over there and for the first time managed to tong my hair at night using the Nourishing styling cream / Weightless Styling spray. A quick bed bun & I woke up the next day with the perfect bed head, ready for a day amongst the waves.

You can opt for the Living Proof ‘Full’ shampoo for the most natural in the collection based on ingredients. I love the brand and ethos behind it all & hoping if you try it… you love it as much as me!

Bisous x

Effortless Autumn Hair, these are some of my favourites…



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