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Accent Gold | 10 Decor Ideas for a Beautiful Home

Accent Gold by Elle 
I love home!  and my decor is all about texture. You can create a super stylish apartment or home with a few key pieces accessorised with beautiful textured items & accessories. Mixing clean lines & space with button back pieces creates an over all Modern Elegance to a room. Art, photography or textured wallpaper & curtains can add depth to a plain wall and bring a focal point to the room.
clock room
Mirror clock by Reflex, Chandelier by Kolarz, Wallpaper by Brian Yates,

10 Decor ideas for a beautiful home

These are the areas that you have the space to try something new. I love subtle iridescent wall paper or something slightly metallic. The above iridescent stripe paper is by Brian Yates.  Try and edit the colours within your room down to 3 with one depth colour that is a little stronger, deeper or brighter or add a statement piece of artwork to a Monochrome room. 

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Dream Shabby Chic

sweetdreams_banner Dream Shabby Chic by Victoria

I share my bedroom with another person, namely my man, so my bedroom is a long way off from my dream bedroom.  He is not a man who likes girly things or throws or cushions so our bedroom is very minimalistic with teak furniture from Indonesia. The compromise was that I had a ”girls” room, one that wasn’t our spare room or our bedroom that I could decorate exactly how I wanted. 

So I often find myself picking up heavy home magazines, on my commute home, and planning my dream bedroom and here is what I think it might look like: