Accent Gold | 10 Decor Ideas for a Beautiful Home

Accent Gold by Elle 
I love home!  and my decor is all about texture. You can create a super stylish apartment or home with a few key pieces accessorised with beautiful textured items & accessories. Mixing clean lines & space with button back pieces creates an over all Modern Elegance to a room. Art, photography or textured wallpaper & curtains can add depth to a plain wall and bring a focal point to the room.
clock room
Mirror clock by Reflex, Chandelier by Kolarz, Wallpaper by Brian Yates,

10 Decor ideas for a beautiful home

These are the areas that you have the space to try something new. I love subtle iridescent wall paper or something slightly metallic. The above iridescent stripe paper is by Brian Yates.  Try and edit the colours within your room down to 3 with one depth colour that is a little stronger, deeper or brighter or add a statement piece of artwork to a Monochrome room. 
Layer your lighting. Go for a softer tone to change  the mood of the room . New lamps or statement chandelier/ shade will instantly glam up any room. 
This is your space to do whatever you like . Organising your clothes in to colour and garments order can re invigorate items you forgot you had, make space for new ones & also look beautiful. 
A great tip if you don’t want to spend on refitting your whole closet space. Order your shoes & handbags on bookcases – mirrored bookcases can make a small wardrobe space look a lot bigger. 
Scent is important in a home. Candles are a great & in expensive way to accessorise and add a beautiful scent that is personal to you. Sometime’s when I am travelling away for a month or so I will take a scented candle with me and it reminds me of home..
In your furnishings, work in textures that you want to touch to make your home stylish with depth! It can also turn a home from airy and fresh in the daytime to something a little more sultry and romantic in the evening when your fabrics & walls catch the light. If your not sure how to start try by mixing  different cushion fabrics on your sofa; silk & chenille, linen & jacquard  or Satin & Sequin for something a bit more glamourous.
I love this Mother of Pearl Chest of Drawers for a different surface & texture.
 A bunch of fresh flowers in a clear vase of water or a plant.
Many kinds of house plants actually help cleanse the air of harmful pollutants.
Tip: Once you have used your scented candles wash them out, remove the wick and use as a mini vase for your bedside table. fresh flowers
Adding something gold coloured to your home is like adding a little jewellery accent. One of my fav decor inspirations is Aerin Lauder’s office.
 [Plum Pretty Sugar]
A statement accessory or piece of furniture can transform any room to make a focal point like a floor length clock that can work as a mirror.My fav statement piece is my “Monroe” bed from the Amy Howard Collection. Here is a Monroe bed in their show room in Tennessee. You can can choose the finish from clear glass venetian to Antique mirror and also the material/ button back for the headboard to suit your style.
A  piece of artwork can add impact and personal style to your home.
 Nancy Corzine’s office with Jeffery Reece’s bw “SKIRT” as her back drop.
Create a mood board above your desk with magazine tears, note cards, packaging anything you find creative.  This will give a focal point in the room but most importantly some much needed inspiration when you are working.  Co ordinate your stationary, storage boxes and organiser’s so every thing has a place to keep clutter free.  Martha Stewart do beautiful office bits & shagreen note pads here!  Tray’s are great for desk tops – also a good tip, keep any packaging / boxes from online purchases and use the bottom and lid ( flipped over) to line your drawers and create divider’s. 

Hope you enjoyed reading, have a beautiful week,
Elle x

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