According to Elle #3


Dream big, bigger than you could ever imagine possible. But choose your dreams wisely, be selective and keep a golden few close to your heart. There are so many pathways in life, we are privileged with an abundance of life choices and goals – it is those that seek possibility everywhere but keep their goals decisively set who are the most content. And dreams needn’t always be  what society dictates they should be – we all seem to be racing against the clock for money and success. When really, some of life’s most beautiful dreams are the simpler ones, such as real true love, a family you rely on, or simply waking up every morning and feeling content with yourself and relishing the people you see and the places you go. Whatever they may be, decide your dreams and set out to achieve them – keep your vision at the forefront of you mind and let that be your ultimate motivation everyday of your life.

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