The best Body & Mind APPS

After my trip to Bali this summer, it really opened my eyes up to how important meditation, pure food and relaxation is for the body & mind. It can change your entire day  if your mindset is pure & focused. So once back in very chilly London I have been getting in to phone Apps which help to restore, rejuvenate & balance the body and mind as well as inspiring me to try different foods & recipe’s. So I wanted to share with you some of my favourite one’s which can be used pretty much anywhere. I even have an app you can use while brushing your teeth ;)….

 NutriLiving If you are like me – I try to juice most days ( this never happens!)  I end up going back to the same ingredients as I know I can chop it at super speed but that sometimes leaves me a little bored & uninspired. Nutri Bullet’s smoothie & juice recipes is a must have if your feeling adventurous! All the Nutribullet recipes, all in one app! My favourites – the Killer Kale blast,  Mojito Nutriblast  or my Sunday Super Juice recipe here

SUPERFOODHD A really helpful app that gives you all the super foods, (berries veg etc) you should be eating, recipes and preparation tips on how to make Superfoods part of your diet.

 OMVANA The “Spotify” of meditation, Omvana features thousands of relaxation and sleeping tracks, binaural beats and personal growth tracks. Probably my favourite of all  – I use this mainly for when I travel long haul or to help switch my body clock to a new time zone.  So easy to fit into your day or night for when you  feel you need a little Zen in your life.

BARRE3 Barre 3 is the condensed, most effective moves from Ballet, Pilates & Yoga and optimized into hard-working, 10-minute routines  all set to whichever music you want. This is my hotel room secret weapon! or when I’m brushing my teeth for a 10 minute work out at the basin for long, lean, limbs !

VSCO CAM My favourite photo editing App for my beach instagram moments on @seabyelle

GOODGUIDE – (US ONLY) A really useful green app! it helps to figure out whether the products you’re shopping for are safe, healthy, and green by letting you scan for food, beauty, cleaning & baby products by barcode. Then rates them based on health, environmental & safety. I imagine this app to be very useful if pregnant especially for beauty products.

SIMPLY ORGANIC A simple beautiful app with over 1400 natural and organic recipes 

WHOLE FOODS RECIPES Whole Foods Market is at the forefront of the organic movement. One of my favourite places to shop for food in London! I could get lost for days in Whole Foods. The app is a collection of recipes that give you so much inspiration everyday.  You can search meal type, dietary restrictions or better yet, just whatever ingredients you have in the fridge, and a recipe will be suggested! Genius!

NATURESPACE Re energise with relaxing soundtracks to meditate and take a moment in your busy day.  The app allows you to take your time and really have a complete experience, all without advertising or having to buy anything.  Naturescapes will allow you to stop, refocus and re-energise in even the noisiest surroundings.

POCKET YOGA A great mix and match work out to alternate throughout the week with your BARRE3 app. 27 individual sessions  with varying levels – switch these up and your body will be lean and toned in no time.

LOUISE HAY: AFFIRMATIONS Your beauty sleep in an app… I have loved & read Lousie Hay’s books for a few years now, so when the app released I couldn’t wait to try it…. This is a really brilliant app. Changing your thoughts can change your life, and through consistent repetition of positive thought patterns (affirmations), you can create your own future and take control of your life. Traditional affirmations, while powerful, can only take you so far… Unconscious conditioning and limiting beliefs that accumulate throughout our lives can make it nearly impossible for positive thoughts to “stick,” allowing negative thought patterns can keep popping up again and again. This app features 16  of Louise’s most effective “Power Thoughts” I like to do this before I fall asleep with earphones as it makes you drift off for a really deep night’s sleep.


I hope you enjoy some of these apps! Let me know if you have any favourite’s I can try?

Fais de beaux rêves! Elle x