Paris in the Winter

paris in the winter

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  1. rh says:

    Yep, Paris is one of the most magical places in the world, indeed. While Rome is called the “Eternal City”, Paris is absolutely a city of sensitive emotions, une vraie ville des souvenirs et des rêves. Here in Scandinavia winters are quite cold, windy and snowy (but now it already seems to change because of climate change), but in Paris winter is something cosmic. It could be compared to bouclé-knit alpaca-blend robe that covers a sensitive skin of mademoiselle and paradoxally warms all body and soul as a hot chocolate that warms you up in foggy mornings. I connect Paris always to walking and observing. These two actions walk hand in hand. Walking opens your heart to new doors, new perspectives, new feelings, new hopes and dreams, old memories; and observing gives you an idea of being a firm part of these new and old processes. In the USA they mention old-known “American Dream” which is almost always understood as a material, financial liberty of an individual, of a citizen. In my opinion, dream cannot be something that includes material. It should be something spiritual, ‘souly’ and even uncomprehensible. In Paris, you can feel this rêve parisien, ‘Parisian dream’. While dreaming you have not to do anything. You just live now and try to feel your authentic inner world, which is full of treasures and love. Elle is right that is better to skip the Tuileries and head to “Luco” (Jardin du Luxembourg), take a seat on a legendary green chair (but do not forget to bring a little pillow because chairs are made of metal), play some french chansons of Joe Dassin, Charles Trenet, Yves Montand, Serge Gainsbourg or Françoise Hardy from a portable player or your phone, and browse through Jean-Jacques Sempé’s legendary cartoon album “Un peu de Paris” or just be with yourself without thinking and saying any word, just in silence of singing birds and wind touching your face gently. Paris is worth of seeing and experiencing its streets, stairways, lights, cups of coffee or herbal teas, books, love and emotions.

    Merci Elle pour ce post

    À très bientôt



  2. Rosie says:

    Wonderfully simple and original guide of what to do in Paris! Will be keeping these tips in mind for my someday (hopefully soon) trip to this city…I also love RH’s comment, helped illustrate more of the magic that Paris has to offer. Thanks for sharing Elle!

    • rh says:


      Rosie, thank you. It is very kind of you. After Elle’s post I just just had some stream of thoughts, emotions and memories about Paris. Everyone should visit this lovely city not even for one time. Very magical place is Jardin du Palais-Royal and its alleys. Although this garden is in the centre of Paris, there is not lot of tourists, which is very good if you want to catch the magic of the place. The best route to get to the little wonderland is to enter from Rue de Beaujolais, and especially so called Péristyle de Beaujolais (here is the photo of this passageéristyle_de_Beaujolais_rwk.JPG).

      Elle, you also, please, if you haven’t been in this jardin, it is worth of seeing and feeling its magic. Enjoy chères mademoiselles.

      Good night


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