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Dream Shabby Chic

sweetdreams_banner Dream Shabby Chic by Victoria

I share my bedroom with another person, namely my man, so my bedroom is a long way off from my dream bedroom.  He is not a man who likes girly things or throws or cushions so our bedroom is very minimalistic with teak furniture from Indonesia. The compromise was that I had a ”girls” room, one that wasn’t our spare room or our bedroom that I could decorate exactly how I wanted. 

So I often find myself picking up heavy home magazines, on my commute home, and planning my dream bedroom and here is what I think it might look like:


MUST HAVE fashion books…

11 MUST HAVE Fashion Books
I  love interior decor but it doesn’t have to be majorly expensive to decorate your home. You just have to put  together things you like but also pieces that reflect your personal style and interest’s. Books are a great way to do this! They don’t cost  the earth but can very quickly transform a plain coffee table to a beautiful and interesting one  in no time. Add a vase of your favourite fresh flowers and it will pull the whole look together.
 Elle ♡